The Adoption Process

What Factors Affect Child Custody Decisions

A major factor that needs to be decided when you are going through a divorce is the custody agreement for children. It's most common for judges to award some type of joint custody, where each parent has the ability to make legal decisions for the children. However, one parent is often awarded primary, or physical, custody over the children. This parent is the one who remains the primary residence of the children and makes most of the day-to-day decisions that come with family life. Read More 

Is Your Child Being Abused By The Other Parent?

Some parents mistakenly believe that child abuse must be significant before the court will act against another parent. The reality is that the court's responsibility is ensuring the child's safety and any amount of abuse is intolerable. If your child is being abused by the other parent, here is what you need to know. How Is Child Abuse Proven? Abuse is not always easily proven. In a child abuse custody case, circumstantial evidence is often not enough. Read More 

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The Adoption Process

My husband and I are currently trying to start a family. Because we’re both older, we don’t know yet if we will be able to conceive or not. I also have a few health issues that may prevent us from having a baby naturally. However, we plan to start a family through adoption if we don’t conceive within the next few months. Because the adoption process is detailed and complicated, we will need to hire a reputable family attorney to help us. This professional can assist us with filling out the necessary paperwork and filing it with the appropriate agencies. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of hiring a family lawyer during the adoption process.