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Did You Marry Too Quickly And Need A Fast Divorce? Here Are Your Options

If you got married more quickly than most, and the relationship was proven unmanageable and you now want a divorce, the easiest thing to may be to agree on a settlement. A settlement could save you financially and speed up the divorce process.

There are a lot of questions the lawyer will have, and things to go over so you can see what your options are and what can be done. The process throughout a divorce can be different for many, but you may start by trying to get an annulment.

Eligibility for an Annulment

The grounds for annulment will change state to state. Your legal team would have to prove that someone entered the marriage with ill or deceitful intentions, that the marriage was illegal, or because of where the marriage took place. The lawyer will look at the documentation from your ceremony, get information on your spouse, and then could proceed with the annulment if it's possible. If not, the divorce proceedings will have to continue.

Settlement Options

You will want your own divorce attorney for the settlement. Your spouse may want their own as well if they agree to try to settle things instead of going to court.

In the settlement, your lawyer will go over any type of monetary issues, housing, jewelry, gifts, and more. They will put all the terms into a document, and then through mediation, you and your spouse will agree or disagree and hopefully negotiate anything that isn't immediately agreed upon.

Pregnancy Concerns

If there are any concerns about a pregnancy that has not yet been detected within the marriage, then a test can be ordered by the court. The woman can be court-ordered to get a test or to prove pregnancy, which could make the settlement more difficult if a pregnancy exists. If there is doubt of paternity, a proof of paternity can be added into the settlement as a clause.

If you made a poor decision and married someone that you didn't know well and you know that you need to get a divorce or annulment right away, it's time to meet with a lawyer. The best result is that you can meet with an attorney and get the divorce settled quickly, but if not, you may have to fight in court to get the divorce that you badly want or need.

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The Adoption Process

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