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Personal Injury Attorney: Injured By A Friend Or Family Member?

Many personal injuries happen in familiar settings, often with people we know and love. If you or one of your children sustain a personal injury because of the actions (or inaction) of a family member or friend, you should seek legal help to make sure that your close relationship doesn't prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Here are some of the ways that a personal injury law services firm can help those dealing with complicated legal situations involving family members or friends.

Negligence and Liability

Most personal injury lawsuits boil down to negligence and liability. A personal injury law services firm can approach cases involving family members or friends by objectively categorizing negligence and apportioning liability.

  • Naming Negligence: negligence comes in a variety of legal forms. From gross to contributory negligence, cases involving family members or friends start with categorizing the type(s) of negligence appropriate for the case. In cases involving children, vicarious and comparative negligence are common. For instance, if your child was bitten by your cousin's dog, vicarious negligence would likely be appropriate. For personal injuries involving motor vehicle accidents, comparative negligence is often most appropriate. Regardless of your relationship with the people involved in the personal injury, you will need to provide your lawyer with every document, medical bill, and correspondence related to the event. Once a type of negligence is decided, your personal injury law services provider can begin the litigation process.
  • Labeling Liability: negligence and liability go hand in hand in personal injury cases. To figure out liability, your personal injury law services provider must define a reasonable standard of care for the friend or family member involved in the case. For instance, if you sustained an injury at a friend or family member's house because of an improperly maintained structural element or appliance, they can be held fully responsible for your injury. However, if the personal injury you sustained while you were a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by a friend or family member, they might only bear partial responsibility for your injuries.

Ensuring Separation

Personal injury cases involving friends and family members can be fraught with tension. Hiring a personal injury law services provider, however, can diffuse some of the tension and provide the separation you need to get the help you need.

  • Insurance Adjustment: many personal injury cases are only filed after negotiations with an insurance company have failed. Your personal injury law services provider can aim to get you a better deal with your friend or family member's insurance provider to avoid a prolonged legal dispute.

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