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What To Ask For During Divorce Settlements

This is it, you're getting to the end of your marriage, and now you have to prepare for life after divorce. Division of assets is arguably the most difficult part of a divorce. Both parties will want to get the most out of the settlement. To ensure you get a good deal, do the following.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

Negotiating alone will likely put you on the losing side, especially if your partner has a lawyer. Hire a divorce lawyer to make it more likely that the divorce settlement is fair. 

Be Ready to Compromise 

Don't expect that your ex-partner will give up everything you ask for. Remember, a divorce settlement is more like a negotiation table. Be willing to trade a few things for something else.  If you're here to punish your partner, the divorce will drag on for ages simply because you don't want to compromise. However, be sure to consult your divorce attorney to ensure you're getting a good deal. 

With that out of the way, here is what you can ask for: 

Child Custody 

If there are kids involved, you'll need to discuss child custody and co-parenting. Ideally, co-parenting is in the best interest of your kids. If you have an abusive partner, you can seek sole custody. Consult your divorce attorney on how best to approach this matter. 

Family Home 

If you have kids, the first thing you'll want to retain is your family home. Your kids are accustomed to life in this home, neighborhood, schools, and have friends in the area. However, before you ask for that house, confirm that you can keep up with the mortgage payments, bills, and property taxes. 


It's time to divide the family assets. Who gets what, and how is it shared? This is always a sensitive topic; thus, ensure you have a divorce attorney or mediator as you divide the family assets. 

Alimony and Child Support 

If you agree to co-parent, you'll need more details about the co-parenting schedule and child support. It's not enough to say that you'll co-parent. You'll also need to know who will take care of the child's expenses. 

Ensure you get everything in writing so that everyone is aware of their obligations. Also, ask your divorce lawyer if your current circumstances warrant alimony payments. If yes, your lawyer can represent you to ensure that you get a substantial amount. Once you and your partner have agreed to alimony payments, confirm that the details of the payments are included in the divorce settlement. 

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The Adoption Process

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