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Why Should You Go For Divorce Mediation Instead of Divorce Litigation?

Divorces are messy, stressful, and often expensive. They also involve a lot of uncertainty regarding child custody, partnerships, houses, financial security, and family relationships. With the above issues at stake, you want to choose a less messy, stressful, and inexpensive divorce process. Unfortunately, you only have two processes to choose from, divorce mediation and divorce litigation. This article shows you why divorce mediation is the better option for you.

Divorce Mediation Is More Cost-Effective

The cost of divorce mediation is generally higher than that of divorce litigation. For example, the national median price of hiring a divorce lawyer is $7,000. In comparison, the average price of hiring a divorce mediator is between $3,000 and $8,000. However, don't forget that you and your ex-partner will split the divorce mediation fees. Therefore, you'll pay between $1,500 and $4,000, which is significantly lower than the amount you'll pay your divorce attorney. Second, mediation is more cost-effective because you can opt for online divorce mediation, thus eliminating additional costs such as commuting costs.

Divorce Mediation Agreements Are Thorough And Practical

Divorce litigations result in agreements crafted based on the law and money. While divorce mediations are more personalized and result in an agreement that your ex-partner is more likely to comply with. And that's because divorce mediation agreements take into account your family's current situation and your plans. You get to solve the most critical issues, which include child custody, child support, alimony, division of family assets, etc. However, you also get to discuss other issues such as who takes care of the family pet, when and how to introduce your children to future partners, etc. The mediator also considers your goals and plans to help you and your ex-partner reach an agreement that considers your plans.

Children Take Priority In Divorce Mediations

Remember, divorce proceedings are often messy. The longer the process takes, the messier it may get and affect your children since complicated divorce litigations may involve children. Where your child has to choose between you and your ex-partner. Such messy divorce proceedings can scar your child. Luckily, during divorce mediation, mediators put your child's well-being before your needs, money, and the law. Decisions made have one thing in mind: How will this impact your kid(s)? That allows you to focus more on your children and less on taking revenge on your partner. Your marital matters get solved faster, thus protecting your children's interests.

Bottom Line

Divorces signify an end to a significant relationship. However, there's no reason why you and your partner shouldn't end your marriage in a positive tone despite all your differences. So, if you're looking for an amicable way to get a divorce, consult an online divorce mediation professional near you now.

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