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How A Divorce Lawyer Assists With Mediation

Many couples decide to settle a divorce by going through mediation rather than a trial. It's the place where they can actually decide on many issues regarding the divorce, rather than have a judge decide for them. While you are working with a mediator, it's also important that you work with a divorce lawyer as well throughout the entire process. Here are some of the things that you can expect a divorce lawyer to help you with. 

They Help Prepare

There is a lot of work that needs to be done prior to mediation starting. This involves going over financial documents, identifying the key problems that need to be addressed, and learning what your goals and priorities are. A divorce lawyer can also help you understand how the mediation process works and provide guidance so that you are not going into it blindly. You'll end up being more prepared and confident as a result.

They Are An Advocate

The job of your lawyer is to have someone advocating on your behalf during the entire mediation process. They can sometimes help articulate your concerns and needs to the mediator, especially if it is a legal matter that needs to be resolved. A lawyer will also advise you on legal implications regarding a settlement proposal, such as if you should accept the proposal or respond to it with changes. 

They Provide Assistance With Legal Compliance

Be aware that it is possible to finish mediation with a proposed settlement that is not legally enforceable. You'll want your lawyer to review your agreement to ensure that it is within legal compliance, which will help prevent the legal document from being challenged at a future date.

You should also understand that most of the divorce agreement is going to be self-enforced, meaning that it is up to you and your spouse to carry out the agreement as planned. You won't have someone holding your hand at every step to ensure things are being done right. That's why you'll want assistance with how you can enforce the agreement that is being created, and what you can do if there is a dispute in the future. 

They Provide Post-Divorce Assistance 

It will help to have a lawyer that you can turn to that is completely familiar with your divorce proceedings. You'll have someone you can turn to when you want to do things like modify a custody or child support agreement, since using the same lawyer will really streamline the process for you.

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The Adoption Process

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